Counter Link 

Counter Link provides communications interception solutions for IP networks.

Probes are provided for network speeds up to 100G.  The probes passively examine network traffic, looking for previously provisioned identifiers. Technologies include broadband intercept, multimedia VoIP, LTE, and RCS.  Intercepted information is passed to law-enforcement collection systems, formatted in several U.S. and international electronic-surveillance handover standards.  An extensive number of optional capabilities include integrated VPN, intercept buffering, email alerting, and content filtering.

Counter Link also provides mediation systems for active interception.  Support includes Nokia-based IMS's, Ribbon (Sonus, Genband) VoIP networks, Cataleya VoIP networks, Mavenir LTE cores and VoIP networks, Metaswitch VoIP networks, and Arista Networks routers. 

For cloud-based services, Counter Link provides a virtualized intercept solution.  A software product called the VETap TM passively resides in the virtual servers of cloud service providers, tapping the network traffic and sending it through a private channel to a probe that is typically running as another virtual machine in the same cloud environment.

Counter Link also provides a basic collection system using 10G interfaces and high-speed SSD bulk storage for high-speed collection of intercepts.

Counter Link is located near Portland, Oregon and was founded by the founder and CEO of RadiSys and IP Fabrics.